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Continuing Professional Development: Classroom Formative Assessment

The Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association (PEMEA) together with the Philippine Academy of Sakya conducted its Continuing Professional Development Program (CPDP) on "Classroom Formative Assessment.: It was held last October 21, 2017 from 7:30 am to 12:00 noon at the Philippine Academy of Sakya in Sta. Cruz Manila. The seminar was facilitated by Dr. Carlo Magno, the PEMEA president. It was attended by more 230 participants from different parts of the Philippines.

The CPDP on Conducting Classroom Formative Assessment aimed to: (1) Devise ways on how to conduct formative assessment in the subjects handled; (2) integrate formative assessment with instruction; and (4) create ways to help students improve their learning through formative assessment. The seminar provided an opportunity for participants to clarify the intention and principles of classroom assessment and how it is translated to practice. The seminar started with an introduction about formative assessment, its features and advantages, and principles on how it is implemented.

Click the following for the handouts:

is implemented.

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