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Volume 2 July 2011


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A Perspective in Educational Measurement: An Editorial Note

Carlo Magno (pp. 1-2)


Empirical Reports


Investigating the Development of Analytical Skills in Teacher Education

Anders Jonsson and Sven A. Lennung (pp. 3-3)


Temperament Styles of Children from Samoa and the United States

Carmelo M. Callueng, Desmond M. Lee Hang, Richard DLC. Gonzales

Ainslie Chu Ling-So’o, and Thomas D. Oakland (pp. 18-34)


Monitoring Teacher Trainees’ Mathematical Competence in an Accelerated Teacher

Education Program

Karoline Afamasaga-Fuata’i  (pp. 35-61)


Determining Experts and Novices in College Algebra: A Psychometric Test

Development and Analysis Using the Rasch Model (1PL-IRT)

Jonathan V. Macayan and Bernardino C. Ofalia (pp. 62-76)


Exploring the Factors of Perfectionism within the Big Five Personality Model among

Filipino College Students

Joel C. Navarez and Ryan Francis O. Cayubit (pp. 77-91)


Using Logistic Regression and Mantel-Haenszel Statistic in Differential Item

Functioning Analysis: A Comparative Study

Jose Q. Pedrajita (pp. 92-110)


Attributes of Distracters of Multiple Choice Items with Potentially Biased Options

Janet Lynn S. Montemayor (pp. 111-123)


“We’re classmates, can we be friends?”: Translation and Validation of the Filipino

Version of Classmates’ Friendship Questionnaire (CFQ) in the Philippines

Fraide A. Ganotice, Jr. and Jonalyn B. Villarosa (pp. 124-136)


Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Self-efficacy among Student-Athletes

Maria Cristina M. Firmante (pp. 137-148)


Beyond assessment: Impact Evaluation of a Community-Based Education

Development in Lao PDR

Benjamina Gonzalez-Flor, Richard DLC Gonzales, and Alexander Gonzalez Flor (pp. 148-170)


Short Report


A Book Review on “Designing Written Assessment for Student Learning”

Karina M. Agustin (pp. 171-174)

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