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ICEME 2021 Program

International Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation

“Assessment in the New Normal:  Issues, Challenges, and Prospects”

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Day 1:  May 26, 2021

Officer of the Day:  Dr. Niclie Tiratira

Emcee:  Dr. Jennie Jocson


Opening Program

  •  Invocation - PNU Chorale

  • Philippine National Anthem - PNU Chorale

  • Welcome Remarks

    • Dr. Marilyn Balagtas, PEMEA President and Chairman

  • Opening Message

    • Dr. Bert Tuga – PNU President

    • Sr. Nilda Masirag, SPC – SPUQC President

  • Statement of Purpose and Presentation of Participants

    • Dr. Christine Joy Ballada, PEMEA Vice President and ICEME Conference Chair


Introduction of the Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Marilyn Balagtas


Keynote Speech

Facilitator:  Dr. Marilyn Balagtas

​Break    10:30-10:45

10:45 - 12:00

Plenary Talk 1:  Assessment and Evaluation in the Global Scene:  A Pandemic Response


Facilitator:  Dr. Jennie Jocson

12:00 – 1:30   Lunch Break 

Day 1 PM Session


Panel Discussion 1: International Large-Scale Assessments in the New Normal



Facilitator: Dr. Marilyn Balagtas



  • President’s Report – Dr. Marilyn Balagtas

  • Treasurer’s Report – Dr. Belen Chu

  • Awarding of Fellows – Dr. Marilyn Balagtas

  • Presentation of Nominees for PEMEA Board of Trustees – Dr. Violeta Valladolid

  • Instructions for Election of PEMEA BOTs and Ratification of Amendments to the By-laws - Dr. Violeta Valladolid

3:15-3:30  Coffee Break



Panel Discussion 2:  Assessment for Flexible Learning Deliveries


 Facilitator: Mr. Pedrito Aton



Instructions for Day 2 - Dr. Jennie Jocson

Day 2:  May 27, 2021

Officer of the Day:  Dr. Ma. Roxanne Ibalobor


 Introduction of the Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Jennie Jocson


Keynote Speech

Facilitator:  Dr. Jennie Jocson



Transition to Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams


Concurrent Session A1:  Assessment of Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Concurrent Session A2: Development of Non-Cognitive Measures

Concurrent Session A3: Innovations in Classroom Assessment

Concurrent Session A4:  Language Assessment

11:45-1:00   Lunch Break


Concurrent Session B1:  Learning in the New Normal

Concurrent Session B2: Validation of Non-Cognitive Measures

Concurrent Session B3:  Assessment Practices in Schools

Concurrent Session B4:  Innovations in Pedagogy

2:00-2:10  Transition to Breakout Rooms


Concurrent Session C1:  Assessment in the New Normal

Concurrent Session C2:  Development of Non-cognitive Measures

Concurrent Session C3: Assessing Educational Outcomes

Concurrent Session C4:  Educational Interventions

3:10-3:20    Transition to Breakout Rooms

Concurrent Session D1:  Assessment in Flexible Learning

Concurrent Session D2:  Psychometrics

Concurrent Session D3:  High-Stakes Assessment

4:20-4:30   Transition to Breakout Rooms


4:30 – 5:30

Concurrent Learning Sessions


Learning Session 1:  Providing Effective Feedback for Learning

Speaker: Dr. Carlo Magno (click here for the slides)

Moderator: Dr. Jennie Jocson


Learning Session 2:  Getting Started with Data Collection and Assessment using Microsoft Forms, Excel, and Sway

Speaker: Ms. Ma. Rhodora Santos

Moderator: Dr. Marilyn Balagtas

Day 3:  May 28, 2021

Officer of the Day:  Mr. Alejandro Ibanez

Emcee:  Ms. Marie Antonnette Alino


​Panel Discussion 3:  Research, Development, and Policies on Educational Assessment in the New Normal:  Challenges and Directions

- Dr. Max Walsh, Education Consultancies

- Dr. Bill Atweh, Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Moderator:  Dr. Marilyn Balagtas


​Announcement of New PEMEA Board Members – Dr. Violeta Valladolid

​Oath-Taking Officer:  Dr. Richard DLC Gonzales


Closing Messages


Ms. Ma. Rhodora Santos. President & CEO

Amicus Koi Solutions

Mr. Edgardo Dacpano, President

United Federation of Fil-Am Educators

New PEMEA President


Transition to Breakout Rooms


​​​Division Meetings



Student Congress

Social and Emotional Competencies for Students

Dr. Elizabeth Randolph, Senior Education Research Analyst, RTI International 


Emcee: Dr. Carlo Magno

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