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Learning Session 1:  Providing Effective Feedback for Learning

Speaker: Dr. Carlo Magno

Moderator: Mr. Alejandro Ibanez

ICEME Day 2: May 27, 4:30-5:50

This learning session engages participants to use appropriate feedback to help students learn better. The presentation includes how feedback is integrated with instruction, when to give feedback, techniques in giving feedback, and the kinds of feedback. Scenarios are shown to participants and they will be providing the appropriate feedback given a sample of student performance.

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Keyboard and Mouse
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Learning Session 2:  Getting Started with Data Collection and Assessment using Microsoft Forms, Excel, and Sway

Speaker: Ms. Ma. Rhodora Santos

Moderator: Dr. Marilyn Balagtas

ICEME Day 2: May 27, 4:30-5:50

Workshop description:

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