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Volume 1 July 2010


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Editorial Guidelines of the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Review (EME Review) (p.1)


Message for EMEReview

Richard Gonzales (p. 3)


Scientific directions in publication: An editorial note

Carlo Magno (pp. 4-5)


Empirical Reports


The development and validation of the Emotionality in Teaching Scale (ETS)

Felicidad T. Villavicencio (pp. 6-23)


The best practices of highly-rated college teachers

Pedrito A. Aton  (pp. 24-47)


The 2 x 2 achievement goal framework and intrinsic motivation among Filipino students: A validation study

Elmer dela Rosa (pp. 48-58)


A confirmatory factor analysis of scores on Inventory of School Motivation (ISM), Sense of Self Scale, and Facilitating Conditions Questionnaire (FCQ):  A study using a Philippine sample

Fraide A. Ganotice, Jr. (pp. 59-77)


Development of Ethnic Identity Measure for Cordillera indigenous people

Cheryl F. Olvida (pp. 78-89)


Examining the relationship of personality and burnout in college students: The role of academic motivation

Adonis P. David (pp. 90-104)


A Short Form of the Subjective Well-Being Scale for Filipinos

Royce Hernandez (pp. 105-115)


Determining the degree of inter-rater consistency in a high stakes, developing country, examination

 Jack Holbrook (pp. 116-139)


Short Reports


A brief history of educational assessment in the Philippines

Carlo Magno (pp. 140-149)


An evaluation of the teaching-learning process: A transformative learning set-up

Violeta C. Valladolid (pp. 150-160)


Organizing and reporting assessment results

Jennifer Ann L. Lajom (pp. 161-168)

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