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Volume 11 December, 2013


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Assessment of the Level of Internalization of Teacher Education Institutions in the Philippines: Basis for Development Programs

Balagtas Marilyn, Papango Marla, Reyes Zenaida, and Ulbiña  (pp. 1-16)


Analysis of the Policies, Trainings and Practices on Student Assessment in Higher Education Institutions in the Philippines

Ogena Ester and Balagtas Marilyn (pp. 9-23)


Evaluation of a Kindergarten Reading Program

Cozar Remedios and Mesina James(pp. 24-32)


Assessing Achievement Emotions and Connectedness

Quaimbao Jeffrey, Asis Kristine, Diesta Angelica, Vielva Miguel, and Reyes Raizza (pp. 33-41)


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