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Volume 8.1 July 2017

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Implementing Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Framework: Implications for Assessment of Students’ Performance


Jonathan V. Macayan (pp. 1-10)


Assessing Achievement Goals as Mediator on the Effect of Perfectionism on Procrastination


Carlo Magno, Queen Marie Katrina O. Alcantara

Christian Dave N. Domingo, Maria Queenie Y. Isidro (pp. 11-29)


A  Cross-Sectional Analysis of Classroom Assessment Literacy of English Teachers in Secondary and Tertiary Levels


Tristan L. Piosang (pp. 30-48)


Validation of the CEU-Lopez Critical Thinking Test Using Multidimensional IRT Model


Johnny T. Amora and Marcos Y. Lopez (pp. 49-67)

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