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Volume 3 July 2012

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Educational measurement and evaluation on sustainable development: Editor’s Note

Carlo Magno (pp. 1-2)


Empirical Reports


Temperament styles of children from Japan and the United States: A cross-national study

Carmelo Callueng, Moisés Kirk de CarvalhoFilho, Miyoshi Isobe, and

Thomas Oakland  (pp. 3-23)


The investigation of construct validity of TIMSS 2003 Students’ Questionnaire among 8th grade Malaysian students

Maryam Sahranavard and Siti Aishah Hassan (pp. 24-34)


Assessing Filipino-Chinese high school students self-compassion

Belen Chu and Carlo Magno (pp. 35-49)


Structural validation of the 3 X 2 Achievement Goal Model

Adonis David (pp. 50-59)


Exploring adolescent cyber dependency: Conceptualization and measurement

Meryll Parnaso, Joana Therese Loyola, Cammille Anne Torres, Claren Aguilar, and

Ryan Jim San Diego (pp. 60-64)


The assessment of the academic self-regulation and learning strategies: Can they predict school ability?

Lis Johny, Lizy Lukose, and Carlo Magno (pp. 75-86)


High school students use of digital technology as a predictor of measures of academic progress

Dylan Marshall (pp. 87-99)


What do graduate students’ in theology feel in school?

Arsenio Lumiqued, Jr. (pp. 100-114)


Short Reports


Determining the content validity of a linear pattern test

Lim Hooi Lian and Wun Thiam Yew  (pp. 115-127)


The anatomy of a world-class university: Lessons from a Hong Kong-based research university

(A case study)

Violeta Valladolid  (pp. 128-135)


Strategies in teaching assessment of student learning courses

Karina Crisostomo (pp. 136-141)

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