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2021 PEMEA Fellows

Dexter ngo.png
Mr. Dexter Cheng Ngo

General Manager, Rex Institute for Student Excellence, Inc. (RISE)

Experience in Assessment: Management of Rex’s assessment and business sustainability initiatives

He conducts research on educational measurement and assessment issues and develops assessment services and products that are fit for this purpose. He contributes to the research studies that address current needs and anticipate future needs in assessment and measurement. He has published numerous articles/papers on educational assessment. He also supported PEMEA in all its national and international activities as a partner, sponsor, and institutional membership.

Mam Rhodora.jpg
Ma. Rhodora M. Santos

President and CEO, Amicus KOI Solutions

Experience: 20+ years in ICT

•Expertise: Software Development

Has successfully been involved in project management of transformation programs in different countries. Her company primarily focuses on Education Program, Cloud Solution, Mixed Reality/Artificial Intelligence, and Small Medium Business Solutions. Ms. Santos was awarded as an Eminent Alumna of PNU last 2020. She has been actively helping PEMEA in all its activities, webinars, and programs since the start of the pandemic.

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