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Volume 5 July 2014


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Editors' Note

Carlo Magno and Adonis David


Empirical Reports


An Evaluation of “School of Quality” in Primary Education in Lao PDR

Phoutsavad Vongphachan, Djemari Mardapi, and Benjamin Flor (pp. 2-13)


Evaluation of the Financial Assitance Program of a Community Development Center

Rene Nob  (pp. 14-41)


Towards Developing a Reading Disability Identification Model for the Philippine Public Schools

Violeta Valladolid (pp. 42-54)


The Development and Validation of the Positive School Scale

Christine Ballada (pp. 55-74)


Assessing the Relationship between Spiritual Well-Being and Political Participation as Mediated by Citezenship

Keith Dimog, Maria Gonazels, Dorothy Labrador, and Divina Naoe(pp. 75-90)


Exploring Filipino Teacher Education Students' Conception of Teaching and Learning

Aurora Fulgencio, Bettina Sedilla, and Adonis David,  (pp. 90-103)


Exploring Formula for Success in Teachers' Licensure Examination in the Philippines

Maribel Gerundio and Marilyn Balagtas  (pp. 104-117)


A Guide in Assessing Knowledge, Process, Understanding, and Performance/Product (KPUP)

 Carlo Magno and Gabriel Lizada (pp. 118-127)



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