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ICEME 2016

The 2016 International Conference in Educational Measurement and Evaluation (ICEME 2016) is the 3rd international conference organized by the Philippine Educational Measurement and Evaluation Association, Inc. (PEMEA). Its theme is “Strengthening the Role of Assessment for Educational Program Transformation and Internationalization”. Such theme has been conceived to underscore the role of assessment in gathering information that could inform and strengthen current efforts in improving educational programs particularly in the Philippines.

This 2016 is the first year of implementation of the Senior High School as a component of the most comprehensive educational reform in the Philippines, that is, the K to 12 Reform. The said reform was enacted in 2013 through Republic Act 10533 known as “Enhanced Basic Education Act 2013”. Such reform improves and strengthens the quality of educational outcomes in the Philippines through a strong educational foundation acquired from a compulsory 13-instead of a 10-year basic education to include one year of Kindergarten and two years of Senior High School (SHS) Program. Knowing that the K to 12 Program has been implemented for four years now, initial assessment could take place to inform the public of the extent to which the intended reform meets its targets. Likewise, assessment should not just be limited to finding stories that reveal successes,difficulties and challenges faced in the gradual implementation of the reform but should also provide information on the needed transformation in the entire educational system from basic to higher education and from formal to non-formal learning modalities. It should also inform future directions for the internationalization of educational programs in the Philippines to meet the requirements and standards set by the global education community.

The conference aims for teacher educators, basic education teachers, researchers, academics, test personnel and other education and evaluation stakeholders to: (1) acquire updates on recent developments in assessing educational programs in the global community; (2) engage in a discussion on the contemporary approaches in evaluating educational programs for transformation and internationalization; (3) share best findings and practices related to measurement, assessment, and evaluation of educational programs; and (4) establish linkages with professionals in the field of measurement and evaluation worldwide.

The conference showcases plenary sessions and concurrent paper presentations and workshops from national and international experts and practitioners in the field of education, measurement and evaluation.

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