Junior Affiliate Convention for College and SHS Students September 23, 2016

"What it's like in the real world - career pathways and lifelong learning" where we can discuss how to make career decisions after graduation, how to invest in lifelong learning and how to build a portfolio of activities that set you up for success. Some people estimate over half of the jobs in 2040 don't exist today. In a world that is always changing, learning will be the only constant throughout your career. How can you use the time in university to build a solid foundation to enter the workforce, and where you can go to acquire further skills to advance throughout your career? How can you use your youth as an advantage to introduce new ways of thinking, while learning from the skills

More Open Access Pledge

Click here Make your More Open Access Pledge Open Science is gaining momentum. The European Commission recently called for immediate Open Access of all research publications . However, many see that as an overambitious goal: progress has been relatively slow in the past decade. Now, over 130 and alumni of the 200-strong Global Young Academy signed the More Open Access pledge. The signatories commit to submitting at least one manuscript in 2016 to an outlet that is directly and fully Open Access. Such an outlet can be an online journal or a widely known academic website. Making knowledge available “Key research findings in my field are behind a paywall,“ says psychologist Eva Alisic, former