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May 26-28, 2021

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Lorin Anderson, Carolina Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina USA

Dr. Rick Stiggins, Retired founder and president, Assessment Training Institute, Oregon USA

Plenary Talk Speakers

1.  Assessment and Evaluation in the Global Scene: A Pandemic Response

Mr. Mark Manns, UNESCO

Ms. Maria Felica Aguilar, United Federation of Fil-Am Educators

Panel Discussants

Mr. Isy Faingold, UNICEF Philippines

Dr. Nelia Benito, Bureau of Educational Assessment, Department of Education

Dr. Luz Bay, The College Board, USA

Dr. Carlo Magno, Center for Learning and Assessment Development-Asia

2.  Assessment for flexible learning deliveries

Asec. Alma Torio, Department of Education

Dr. Victor Canezo, CHED Chairman on Consortium on Flexible Learning Deliveries

Dr. Joseph Jintalan, Far Eastern University

Dr. Dennis Alonzo, University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

3.  Research, Development, and Policies on Educational Assessment in the New Normal

Dr. Esther Care, University of Melbourne, Australia

Dr. Max Walsh, Education Consultancies, Australia

Dr. Bill Atweh, Curtin University of Perth, Australia

Students Congress: Social and Emotional Learning Competencies for Students

Dr. Elizabeth Randolph, Senior Education Analyst, RTI International


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The PEMEA is a professional organization of educators, researchers, teachers, and assessment, measurement, testing, and evaluation practitioners. 



  • Promote standards in various areas of education through appropriate and proper assessment.

  • Provide technical assistance to educational and other institutions in the area of instrumentation, assessment practices, benchmarking, and process of attaining standards.

  • Enhance and maintain the proper practice of testing, assessment, measurement, and evaluation in both local and international level.

  • Enrich the theory, practice, and research on evaluation and measurement.

PEMEA Secretariat

St. Paul University Quezon City

Aurora Boulevard Cor. Gilmore Avenue

Quezon City

Philippines 1113