Executive Board

2018-2022 PEMEA Board

Marilyn U. Balagtas, Ph.D. 
President (2016-2020)
College of Flexible Learning and e-PNU
Philippine Normal University
Christine Ballada, Ph.D.
Vice President (2016-2020)
Dean of Student Affairs
De La Salle University, Manila
Violeta Valldolid, Ph.D. 
Executive Secretary (2018-2022)
Research Coordinator, Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office
De La Salle University, Manila
Alejandro Ibanez, M.A. 
Assistant Secretary (2018-2022)
Assistant Director
Global Resources for Assessment Curriculum and Evaluation
Belen M. Chu, Ph.D. 
Treasurer (2018-2022)
Dean of Student Affairs
Philippine Academy of Sakya
Marie Antoniette Alino, Ph.D. cand.
Assistant Treasurer (2018-2022)
St. Paul University, Quzeon City
Jennie Jocson, Ph.D. 
External Relations Officer (2016-2020)
Research Center on Teacher Quality
Philippine Normal University
 Pedrito Aton, Ph.D. cand.
Executive Member (2018-2022)
Chairperson, Psychology Department
Trinity University of Asia
Ma. Roxanne Ibalobor, Ph.D.
Executive Member (2018-2022)
Head, Center for Institutional Effectiveness
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Adonis David, Ph.D.
Executive Member (2018-2022)
Associate Dean, Graduate Teacher Education
Faculty, College of Graduate Studies and Teacher Education Research
Philippine Normal University
Niclie L. Tiratira, Ph. D. 
Executive Member (2016-2020)
Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
University of Rizal System
Jonathan Macayan, Ph.D.
Executive Member (2016-2020)
Dean, School of Social Sciences and Education
Mapua University
Arian Anderson Rabino, M.A.
Executive Member (2018-2022)
Senior Program Officer for Educators Development
Gokongwei Brothers Foundation
Carlo Magno, Ph.D.
Ex-officio President (2016-2020)
De La Salle Araneta University
Richard Gonzales, Ph.D.
Executive Member (2010-2014)
Ex-Officio President
Asian Development Bank