Junior Affiliate Convention 2016

"21st Century Skills: Lifelong Learning and Career Pathways" 

September 23, 2016, 1:00-4:00, New World Manila Bay Hotel, Pedro Gil, Manila

For College and Senior HIgh School Students 

"What it's like in the real world - career pathways and lifelong learning" where we can discuss how to make career decisions after graduation, how to invest in lifelong learning and how to build a portfolio of activities that set you up for success.  Some people estimate over half of the jobs in 2040 don't exist today.  In a world that is always changing, learning will be the only constant throughout your career.  How can you use the time in university to build a solid foundation to enter the workforce, and where you can go to acquire further skills to advance throughout your career?  How can you use your youth as an advantage to introduce new ways of thinking, while learning from the skills of those with more experience?

About the Speaker

Rachel Brujis is the Head of Product for Pearson in Asia.  She works with schools in primary, secondary and higher education as well as English language learning to find content, activities and assessments that will help their students succeed.  Prior to this role, Rachel built a new Research function for Pearson’s international division focused on understanding customer needs and product impact – with the goal of defining and measuring the educational outcomes of Pearson’s products.

As part of her work, Rachel is contributing to the evidence base on what works in education today, provoking debate about the future of education, and helping to develop the next generation of education delivery models. Rachel is the author of Education, Innovation and Israel (2013) and contributor to Oceans of Innovation (2012). Previously, Rachel was Chief of Staff to Sir Michael Barber and a consultant at McKinsey & Company where she advised governments and education institutions on strategy and innovation.Rachel has worked in Washigton DC, New York, London, and Hong Kong on education strategy and delivery..Rachel wrote her thesis at Columbia University on the impact of pay for performance for New York City public school teachers.


The National University Supreme Student Council Is headed by its President Mr. Tristan Piosang. He is currently an undergraduate student taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English at the National University, Manila. He is the managing editor of Ang Pambansa, feature editor of Ablaze, editorial columnist of the The National. He is the Regional Public Information Officer of the Regional Federation of Supreme Student Governments. 

He has won several national and regional awards in the Philippines in Public Speaking and Leadership such as the Kabayan Most Outstanding Student of the Philippines- Kabayan Leadership Award (Qualifier for Luzon), the Voice of the Youth National Oratorical CompetitioN, Voice of Asia Speech Competition, to name a few.

He does research in educational measurement, assessment, and evaluation.  He recently published an article in the Educatioanl Measurement and Evaluation Review on the Assessment Schemes in the Senior High School.

MIssion of NUSSC

The mission of the NUSSC is to develop, implement, and monitor quality and relevant student development programs that will cater to the academic, social, and personal needs of Nationalians.

Message from the NUSSC President

On behalf of the National University Supreme Student Council (NUSSC), a partner organization of PEARSON Asia and PEMEA, I welcome the participants of the Juniors Affiliate Convention of the International Conference on Educational Measurement and Evaluation.


University graduates, right after graduation, are always confronted with question: “what is next for me?”


This may seem to be a question framed so simply, but graduates find it difficult to answer. They find it difficult to answer because of the various challenges that the 21st century market post – the must for mastery of 21st century skills, the highly competitive job market, to name a few.

The Junior Affiliate Convention, with the theme "21st Century Skills: Lifelong Learning and Career Pathways", will enable our delegates to get through the rudiments of 21st century world vis-à-vis making career decisions, capitalizing on the mastery of 21st century skills. Hence, enabling them to make informed judgements with regard to their careers.


It is my hope that you will enjoy this wonderful learning opportunity!


Thank you very much.


For the love of Education,


President, NUSSC


The registration fee, which includes snacks, kits, and certificate for the students, is Php 600.00 and the accompanying teacher for a group of 10 or more students is free. 


For registration fees you can either paid on-site (but send reservation to pemea2008@yahoo.com) or deposit through the following account:



Account Number:        004103-0466-32

Bank:                             Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

Branch Address:          Masangkay-Mayhaligue


To acknowledge payment, please scan your bank deposit receiptwith your full name, school, and e-mail, mobile phone number and send to pemea2008@yahoo.com.


For more information about the conference, you may inquire through Dr. Carlo Magno, in his mobile phone at +632 917 607 0823 or email: pemea2008@yahoo.com. Reservations to attend the seminar can be sent to the same mail.