Guidelines for Concurrent Paper Presentation Sessions

1. The concurrent paper presentations are scheduled on the second day (September 22) and the third day (September 23) of the conference. All presenters should arrive at the session venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.

2. A facilitator and a support staff is assigned to each session to remind you of the time and assist you during your presentation.

3. Prepare a brief bioprofile and give it to the assigned facilitator of your session. This bioprofile will be used to introduce you before you present.

4. Presenters are given 10 minutes only to present their papers. As such, strict monitoring of the time is highly advised. The question and answer is conducted after all papers are presented at the end. About 15 minutes is allotted for the question and answer at the end of all sessions.

5. Please prepare your powerpoint that can be presented only for 10 minutes. Ideally, your powerpoint slides should not be more than 10. Please bring a clean flash drive containing your file and have an electronic copy ready in your laptop or email as backup. The file should be saved in the laptop provided in your session. The assigned staff in your session is tasked to provide technical assistance to you.

6. The abstract of your paper will be placed in the conference program for the reference of other participants. The abstract may or may have been edited by our reviewers for various reasons (e.g. length, spelling errors).

7. The full paper is NOT required. If you want to publish it in the PEMEA journal (i.e. EMER), you may send the full paper to following the guidelines found in

8. You may provide handouts to the audience if you have prepared copies for them.

9. The date, time and code of your session are indicated in the summary of schedule of paper presentations which was emailed to you earlier. If there are changes, this will be reflected in the final conference program or will be announced during the first day of the conference.

10. Compliance to the prepared program flow is expected.